WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality

Around 4700 Eastbourne women, mostly born in the 1950s, have been affected by new rules saying they cannot claim a state pension until 66 when they had been told it would be 60. The change has come as the Government is committed to equalising the retirement age for men and women, but women born after 6th April 1951 will be affected by the six-year jump and miss out.

This is a really unfair state of affairs that has left tens of thousands of women across the UK out of pocket or even receiving no income after they have retired. I will continue to support the campaign by Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) to lobby the Government into introducing transitional arrangements for those women affected.

I do support the idea of equalising state pension ages between men and women, but help must be given to those caught up in those changes, especially when it appears some were not notified. I know that many women in Eastbourne are impacted, and I would urge them to get in contact with my office – 01323 409000 or office@carolineansell.co.uk

I have also been elected vice-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group which will work to persuade the new Work and Pensions Secretary, to introduce the appropriate transitional arrangements

You can follow the WASPI Facebook page here

I have launched my petition which I will be presenting in the House of Commons in the Autumn.  Please download, sign and ask all your friends to as well!  Print off a copy of the petition (here) and as many continuation sheets as you think you will need (here).  There are a few rules necessary to make the petition valid;

– Use only the petition and wording provided (ie use the petition forms only),
– Make sure each ‘box’ is completed – signature (only original hand signed only please – no photocopied or scanned signatures, and printed full name, address and postcode),
– Please ensure you are a constituent of Eastbourne and Willingdon Parliamentary Constituency (and that I am your MP).  If you are in any doubt you can check here
– Only the original hand-signed petition will be acceptable, not photocopies, scanned or email versions of the petition