I have welcomed plans by transport companies to install talking buses to help visually impaired and elderly passengers in the town.

I recently rode a bus with Brighton and Hove Buses (pictureed) who have installed the technology that tells passengers where they are.

Stagecoach Eastbourne has said is to trial similar technology on its fleet operating in the town and surrounding area.

In addition, the Bus Services Bill is currently passing through Parliament and I am pressing for it to ensure all new buses across the country are fitted with audio visual announcements to allow disabled people, older people and mobility impaired to use public transport safely.

Having experienced, if only briefly, what it is like to be sat in the bus seat of a vulnerable or visually impaired passenger, I am hugely impressed by all the work Brighton and Hove Buses has done installing Audio Visual systems into their vehicles.

It makes such a huge difference to their experience and sense of safety while travelling and makes a massive difference to quality of life for those who are vulnerable.

I have spoken with Stagecoach Eastbourne and I look forward to their buses having this technology fitted very soon.

If you support this do please email me to let me know and I will keep you in touch with progress –