Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell is urging traders and the public to make their views known on parking changes to the Meads Street area of the town.

East Sussex County Council is consulting over a series of town-wide proposals that centre on providing more permit holder bays, maintain traffic flow and improved loading provisions.

But one plan to remove around 15 parking spaces in Meads Street to allow a loading bay near the Co-Op has led to traders and members of the public contacting the MP fearful the move will mean fewer spaces for shoppers and hurt passing business.

“Many of these changes seem like sensible ideas, but quite a few locals have concerns over the changes to Meads Street which has a unique character, and these small independent businesses are vital to the life of shopping areas such as this.  I am concerned that these changes will lead to too few parking spaces for shoppers,” explained Caroline.

“Parking is tight here in any event so to lose more spaces could well be a retrograde step, especially because adjoining roads rarely have parking space because of residents’ and shopkeepers’ parking.

“There clearly is a question of where will those wanting to shop in the area would park, if these changes went ahead.

Caroline said the consultation runs until 17th November. She will be writing to the council as part of the consultation, and she urged others to do the same.

Views can be lodged online at: