Lib Dem MP Breaks His Word

Caroline Ansell Home Slider 2

I have today said Stephen Lloyd has shattered the trust of local people by breaking his word over supporting Brexit.

Figures from the They Work for You website show that Mr Lloyd did not vote in favour of any part of the EU Withdrawal Bill despite having now had 58 opportunities to do so as it went through the House of Commons.

This was after telling voters during the General Election he would honour Eastbourne’s decision to leave the European Union.

Mr Lloyd made much of his ‘special dispensation’ to vote against his Party’s official position but has to date lined up with his Lib Dem colleagues and voted 42 times to try and stop Brexit and abstained or didn’t turn up to vote a further 16 times.

Last June, he also told voters he would oppose a second referendum but when a Liberal Democrat amendment was tabled in Parliament to try and force a second vote on Brexit Mr Lloyd did not vote against it, he abstained or did not turn up when he had a clear opportunity to honour the commitment he made to his voters.

Stephen is very fond of telling Eastbourne that he keeps his word but these facts do speak for themselves.

Whatever his personal feelings on EU membership, this is not about leave or remain – this is about trust and Stephen Lloyd has broken that trust and broken the promise he made to Eastbourne in June by acting in the way he has on this issue.

It cannot be right for a politician to tell Eastbourne he will vote for Brexit and he would oppose a second referendum and then actively work in Parliament to do the very opposite, not once, but 58 times during the EU withdrawal bill.

It is particularly damaging he was silent on the second referendum amendment his party tabled because many people do fear that those opposed to Brexit simply wish to continue having votes until they get the result they want. That is not what democracy is about.

I have waited until this point to speak out because I wanted to give the new MP the benefit of the doubt and see if Stephen could, as he had promised, put the town above his party and his own pro-EU views but he has sadly failed to do so.