We have some fantastic schools in Eastbourne & Willingdon, with the best and brightest students and staff alike.

As you’ll know, my professional background is in teaching – and although I’m not in the classroom anymore – I’m passionate about education and what that means for the life chances for all students.

Since 2010, around 1.4m more children are now being taught in Good or Outstanding schools. The Government should, rightfully, be commended for this, but at the same time there are still more students that need to be reached.

Whilst I will certainly look and engage with the Government’s proposals on Grammar Schools – and any policy regarding education – I am not yet convinced that this is the right way to go.

If it is of interest, you can listen to an interview I gave on the subject here:

Fewer than 5% of sitting MPs have a background in Education, and as the chair of the backbench 1922 Education Committee, I am uniquely placed to speak on this issue.