Re the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

The New Alliance brings together African governments and institutions, the private sector, civil society, donors, and other development partners to address key constraints to agriculture-led growth in Africa. It aims to lift 50 million people out of poverty by 2022 through inclusive growth in the African agriculture sector.

The vision for the New Alliance is a dynamic agricultural sector across Africa with small and large farmers producing food and crops for urban markets and creating jobs. Through the New Alliance, over 200 African and global companies have made investment commitments totalling over US$10 billion into 12 African countries. This has had positive results, the US$1.8billion implemented so far has reached over 8.6 million smallholder farmers and created 58,000 jobs.

I am clear that the New Alliance should use business models that make a difference to poor farmers, both large and small, increasing their productivity and profitability by effectively linking to markets. All those involved in the New Alliance commit to supporting international guidelines on land tenure and agricultural investment, which ensure investments result in benefits for the poorest and are sustainable for the planet.

I know this requires strong accountability mechanisms, as well as active participation from civil society and farmers’ organisations. Three African farmers’ organisations and one civil society organisation are members of the New Alliance Leadership Council. Investments from the New Alliance are already reaching millions of smallholders and it represents a real opportunity to deliver an inclusive transformation of African agriculture.

However more work is needed to ensure the voice of farmers is heard by policy-makers in each country and to protect them from any risks of exploitative practice by governments or business.