I understand your concern on this issue. As you’ll know, my background is in education, and I passionately believe that all children – no matter what their background is – deserve the best possible start in life; a good education is absolutely imperative in this.


The Government’s consultation is asking for views from teachers, children and parents. If you would like to make your views known, you can do so online before 12 December. Visit https://consult.education.gov.uk/school-frameworks/schools-that-work-for-everyone.
At present, the stark reality is that demand for good school places only continues to grow, and too many children in this country still do not have access to a good school. I will carefully consider any proposal that is brought forward that is intended to improve the education of young people, both with the experience of a former teacher, and also as the Chair of the Backbench 1922 Education Committee.

Further information that I have received on this issue is below, which I have included for your perusal:


‘Faith schools have a strong record of high pupil attainment and are often very popular with parents. Current rules, however, stop more good faith schools from opening, without succeeding in promoting integration. The proposals would see the current cap on the number of pupils who can be admitted on the basis of faith when the school is oversubscribed removed, as the cap is preventing new Catholic schools opening, and has little impact on many Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu schools because they tend not to appeal to parents of other faiths. 


‘This rule will be replaced with more effective requirements to ensure faith schools are properly inclusive, and allow more good schools to open. The Government will ensure that safeguards are in place to promote diversity and inclusivity in faith schools, so that pupils of all faiths and none are able to play a full part in the life of the school.’