Thank you for taking the time to write to me about air quality.

I appreciate your concern on this very important issue. At the time of the World Health Organisation’s report on Air Quality, I wrote to both Friends of the Earth and Eastbourne Borough Council to offer my full support to tackle the issue in the town.

Moreover, I wrote to the former Minister for the Environment, Rory Stewart OBE MP, and you can read his reply on my website:

Through my role on the influential Environmental Audit Committee in particular, I have taken a keen interest on the issue of diesel emissions.

The Environmental Audit Committee held an inquiry into the diesel emissions from vehicles and the consequent impact on UK air quality, and how this should affect Government policy on air quality and road transport. You may be interested to read our response to the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs’ consultation on air quality:

I have previously written to Ministers at the Department of Transport to raise my own concerns, and I have been informed that since 2010, average roadside concentrations of Nitrogen Oxide have actually reduced by nearly 15 per cent, whilst over £2 billion of funding has been committed for measures to tackle poor air quality. It is also undoubtedly a positive step that plans have also been announced for new ‘Clean Air Zones’ to be introduced in the centres of a number of cities, such as Birmingham, Leeds and Southampton, by 2020.